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Optcom continues to expand cost-effective SFP+

Optcom announced further expansion of its high-end 10GB products, launching a new cost-effective SFP+ transceiver application for 10GbE 10km.
Optcom has a clear understanding that customer needs a smaller size, lower power and lower cost optical transceivers in high-density 10G applications, and SFP+ is designed to meet customer needs. OTSFP+TG13-10K is a single-mode SFP + with standard rate of 10.3Gbps, which can achieve the maximum transmission distance of 10km at 1310nm Wavelength. It designed for 10Gb/s serial optical interfaces for data communications with single mode fiber(SMF). The transceiver can support 1.25Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s.The transceiver designs are optimized for high performance and cost effective to supply customers the best solutions for datacom applications.

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