Optical Transceiver Solution for Storage Area Network (SAN)



The Storage Area Network (referred to as SAN) of data center usually adopts Fibre Channel (FC) technology, connect storage arrays and server host via FC switches and establish the area network dedicated for data storage. With ten years‘ development, SAN has been matured and became a defacto standard in the industry. As a high-speed network interconnection technology, the common running rates of Fibre Channel (FC) include 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps, 14 Gbps and 28 Gbps. Fibre Channel (FC) is mainly used for connecting the storage device in data center, but it has become a common connection type in enterprise-class storage SAN. Here we will have a brief introduction on Fibre Channel and Optcom optical transceiver solution for Fibre Channel.

How Much Do You Know about Fibre Channel (FC)

Fibre Channel (FC) became the leading choice for SAN networking during the mid-1990s. Traditional Fibre Channel networks contain special-purpose hardware called Fibre Channel switches that connect the storage to the SAN plus Fibre Channel HBAs (host bus adapters that connect these switches to server computers.

Fibre Channel is ideal for these applications:

* High-performance storage;

                     * High-performance disk and tape/tape silo IO;

                     * Large data bases and data warehouses;

                     * Storage backup systems and recovery;

                     * Server clusters;

                     * Network-based storage (i.e., SANs);

                     * High-performance workgroups;

                     * Campus backbones.