What are the advantages and uses of armored fiber optic patch cords?



Armored patch cord is a new type of optical fiber patch cord designed with a layer of stainless steel sleeve to protect the optical fiber. It has the advantages and functions of standard optical fiber patch cord, and at the same time has the durability of armor. The following OPTCOM will give you a detailed introduction to the advantages, types and uses of under-armored fiber optic patch cords.



Advantages of armored patch cords

The armored fiber optic patch cord has the characteristics of high tensile strength, compression resistance, rat bite resistance, and not easy to be damaged by stepping on it. Not only can it be laid directly in various harsh environments such as outdoors without the use of protective casing, but the curvature and diameter are not greatly restricted, which greatly saves space, increases the ease of construction and deployment, and reduces the construction cost. Although armored fiber optic cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cords and can be bent at will without breaking.


Types of armored patch cords

Armored fiber optic patch cords can be divided into interlocking armor and corrugated armor according to their materials. Interlocking armor is a kind of aluminum armor that is spirally wound on fiber optic patch cords. It is used in indoor and outdoor optical cables. It is durable and resistant. Features such as strong pressure. The patterned armored fiber optic jumper is made of longitudinally folds of the fiber optic cable wrapped with steel tape which can prevent damage from machinery and rodents in outdoors. In addition, armored fiber patch cords have terminal interface types such as SC, ST, FC, LC, MU and other terminal interface types.


Application of armored patch cord

The armored jumper can be used in complex environments such as building wiring, optical connection of key machine room equipment, field operation, sensor detection, optical fiber to the home, and community backbone network wiring. The stainless steel sheath can protect the optical fiber jumper from extrusion and rodent penetration. Another application of armored optical fiber jumper is in data center, which can provide flexible interconnection for active equipment, passive optical equipment and cross connection.


Ordinary optical fiber patch cords are easily damaged by animals, natural wear, weather and chemical corrosion in the process of use. They are not only fragile, but also costly in later maintenance and management. On the basis of retaining the advantages of conventional optical fiber patch cords, OPTCOM armored optical fiber patch cords also have a layer of small diameter stainless steel sheath and a layer of aramid yarn. Armored optical fiber jumper has high toughness, strong compression resistance and low cost, so it is favored by many operators and integrators.