Introduction and usage of CVR-QSFP28-SFP28 converter module



The flattening of the network architecture has greatly promoted the development of 100G high-speed interfaces. Many data centers have also upgraded from 25G networks to 100G. However, when high-speed switches are interconnected with low-speed switches, we will encounter the problem of insufficient SFP28 ports. At this time , We can use OPTCOM CVR-QSFP28-SFP28 converter module to convert QSFP28 port to SFP28 port, and then insert 25G SFP28 optical module to realize 25G link transmission.


The simple understanding of CVR-QSFP28-SFP28 converter module is an interface converter, which can convert QSFP28 port on switch to SFP28 port. It has a QSFP28 interface and a SFP28 slot, which can be inserted into the QSFP28 port of 100G switch to reduce the speed of 100G port to 25G. The converter module is not an optical module, it does not have some parameter information related to the optical module, just plays the role of switching